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Review of Tight But Loose magazine Issue 26 (one new review)
Baltimore 11 June 1972 (one new review)
Uniondale 14 and 15 June 1972 (one new review)
Buffalo 15 July 1973
Baton Rouge 28 February 1975
New York City 14th June 1977
Knebworth Festival 4th August 1979

Underground Uprising is free for everyone (and always will be), and will always be dedicated to keeping fans up to date with new releases, and to providing critical reviews. The website does not have to be accessed by a password. It is a jungle out there, and our aim is to review releases as objectively as possible. "Seek The Truth" is the motto of Underground Uprising. Many thanks to Chris Barbero for so generously donating webspace to host Underground Uprising. Please visit his website http://www.led-zeppelin.us/.

In the Concert Dates section, there is an entry of the best available Underground CD released for that particular concert. As new releases sometimes supersede earlier ones in sound quality, please have a regular look at the entries to keep up to date. As and when time permits an addition or a revision to the list will be posted.

We welcome new contributions from fans, to share their experiences of seeing Led Zeppelin live on stage. Led Zeppelin remain the greatest live Rock & Roll band in History, and their music when heard being performed in front of a crowd was an incredible experience. Please send your contributions to: withdrinkatbtinternet.com (substituting @ for at.

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"The Reader is desir'd to excuse any Errors that have escap'd the Corrector, or Press; the Author's principal Aim, throughout the Whole, being to set forth Matters of Fact, tho' not flourish'd with that Illustration and Embellishment of Stile, as might be expected from a more able Pen"
(James Ray : A Compleat History Of The Rebellion, Whitehaven 1758)

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